Assuring Students Success

Jane Sandbank Group Professional Educational Consultants

Could your school district be more effective? Your students more engaged? Your teachers inspired? 

Abraham Lincoln in his Message to Congress in 1862 asked “ . . . can we do better?” He went on to say that the “dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present.”

He could be a school superintendent today asking these questions at a Board of Education meeting.

Student success in the 21st century demands a team of talented transformational leaders.

We will work with you to develop your skills, the skills of your school leaders and leadership teams to guarantee whole school improvement. We believe in CUSTOMIZATION.

We are…

  • Experts in PreK-12 education, higher education, technology, communications and psychology
  • Able to bring you current research focused on real world problem solving
  • Experienced in working with Boards of Education as well as administrative teams
  • Experienced in Organizational Development

We will…

  • Build capacity in social emotional learning for your team
  • Offer you a menu of Strategic Planning models
  • Customize a program to fit your needs
  • Advance communications with parents and the community

Our services include:

Strategic Planning

We like to think about not only Strategic Planning, but also Strategic Action. We like to keep it simple. – more

Leadership Development

We design leadership experiences, case studies and simulations that will provide your team with the necessary skills to meet organizational challenges. – more

Building Team Capacity

Whether you are building a team of newly minted administrators, revisiting your district’s mission, or looking at how to maximize the use of social media to better communicate we will focus on your needs.  – more

Ongoing Mentorship

Unlike medicine, law, architecture, construction, education has been slow to recognize that novice administrators need on the job training. – more


Whether you are a school administrator, a Board of Education member, or a Parent Organization leader,
we can be of assistance in helping you attain your goals.

Contact us to discuss how our combined experiences will help you to surpass your goals.